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     Hi and welcome to my website with links to my albums including my most recent release, Something More, a cornucopia of 19 songs covering a broad range of styles that reflect the many musical influences in my life. From John Denver, Eagles and Elton John to Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and George Strait, to even my favorite singer, Dean Martin, just to name a few. This is the music I grew up listening to and performing. I am very excited about the quality and variety of styles all these songs have to offer the listener as well as the top-notch musicianship so abundant here in Nashville, Tennessee.

     You can find my songs on Spotify and my own Jango internet radio station.  CD’s and individual songs can be purchased/downloaded on iTunes or by contacting me directly below.”   You can also find more recent songs/videos on YouTube. 

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to your thoughts, comments, favorite songs, questions, etc. on the Contact Me form below or email me at [email protected]



The Trace


for anything but you

Old Fashioned Passion

someone to believe in

The Son’s in My Eyes

debut ep

Whine Wheels Whine




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